Our first forum emerged from the collaboration of two countries: Australia and Indonesia!
Learn about how democracy and social activism are incorporated into our current educational system. Find out how family education and mental health can influence learning.

Featuring government representatives, celebrities and specialists.

Education is the most effective way to change the world

Great Britain, India, Greece, USA, Netherlands, Indonesia, Argentina, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Philippines, Uganda, Hungary, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, etc.

Our mission is to unite, support and inspire families around the world by providing access to quality education. We will achieve this through our partnership with different communities and organizations, which in turn would bring up a generation of autonomous, capable and happy individuals.
Over the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly hindered access to quality education. To counter this issue long-distance teaching methods are actively being used. The number of children receiving their education at home is fast increasing, which is why creating a comfortable learning environment within a child's family is becoming more important.

The EdHeroes Movement emerged to support families and increase access to quality education for everyone.
About Us
Who Is an EdHero?
Someone who believes education is key in making the world a better place
Someone who believes education starts with family
Any individual or organization whose values are aligned with quality family focused education
Someone who is prepared to invest their time, ideas, and other resources to change education for the better
Someone making positive impact on a community through education
Someone who has or is willing to show initiative through their input into education

Anyone can become an EdHero
The EdHeroes movement unites people who believe that education should be centered on the needs of the family.

Our mission is to provide support to families all over the world in their journey to success and prosperity by giving them access to a quality education. At the same time, the family's main goal is to bring up an autonomous, capable, and happy individual.

Due to the pandemic and the forced transition to distance learning for everyone connected with education, we have had to deal with some unprecedented challenges. The family has become the main platform for educating and bringing up a child. The EdHeroes movement emerged in response to global uncertainty. It embodies the idea that education should be centered around the interests of the family.
Advisory Board
Safeena Husain
Founder and Executive Director, Educate Girls
Conrad Wolfram
Strategic Director and European CEO/Co-founder Wolfram Research
Francisco J. Marmolejo
Higher Education President & Education Advisor. Qatar Foundation Higher Education
Wendy Kopp
CEO and Co-founder of Teach For All
Mercedes Mayol Lassalle
World President of OMEP (World Organization for Early Childhood Education)
Steven Duggan
Member of the Governing Board of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education; Vice President of Terawe Corporation
Karen Giles
Advisor to the Varkey Foundation Board UK and Trustee for Varkey Foundation Argentina
Osama Obeidat
Chief Executive Officer. Queen Rania Teacher Academy
Cecilia Vaca Jones
Executive Director, Bernard van Leer Foundation
Suchetha Bhat
CEO, Dream a Dream
Harry Patrinos
Practice Manager, World Bank Education
Boris Bulayev
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Educate!
(United Kingdom)
(United Kingdom)
Peter Vesterbacka
Co-founder of Fun Academy, former Mighty Eagle at Rovio, creators of Angry Birds
Shaun Conway
Founder and President, ixo Foundation
Farhannisa Nasution
Project Chairwoman EdHeroes Asia
Indra Dwi Prasetyo
Chief of Production EdHeroes Asia
Frances Ransome
Content Manager
Alina Baimen
Project Manager
Youyou Zhong
Research Analyst
Graciella Dean
Marketing Coordinator
(United Kingdom)
(Hong Kong)
Why Join Us
To participate in a movement aimed at exerting a valuable and positive effect on society
To meet like-minded thinkers and partners in order to achieve a synergy effect
To become a speaker at the EdHeroes Forum in order to spread your values globally
To establish a local EdHeroes Forum and to inspire people to change the world through education

How to Join
Establish a local EdHeroes Forum
to develop educational excellence wherever you are in the world
to develop educational excellence wherever you are in the world
October 16, 2021
April 30, 2022

March 19, 2022
February 22, 2022

March 28, 2022

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What we do
The EdHeroes Forum raises awareness about challenges, breakthrough solutions, new approaches in education and more.
The EdHeroes Movement emerged to support families and provide access to better quality education. EdHeroes Hub is a selection of most influential individuals and organizations that have proven their dedication through constant contribution to the EdHeroes Movement.
You can become part of the EdHeroes Hub and be connected to like-minded individuals and organizations, have exclusive offers and event invites; but most importantly you can be recognized as a forefront contributor to education worldwide.

EdHeroes Talks
EdHeroes Season School
EdHeroes Awards
EdHeroes Hub
EdHeroes Community

The EdHeroes Movement emerged to support families and provide better quality education. EdHeroes Community connects like-minded individuals and uses collective action to advance the EdHeroes Movement.
We believe education is the most effective way to change the world, and change can start with you. Join the EdHeroes Community and be recognized as a member of a worldwide movement that aspires to improve the quality of education.
EdHeroes Awards stimulates healthy competition and rewards outstanding individuals in their achievements within the field of education. It is important to give recognition to outstanding EdHeroes and inspire altruistic behavior.
EdHeroes gathers enthusiastic individuals interested in advancing the future of education for a 1-2 week training program. Anyone can learn and participate in discussions, workshops, projects and other activities, surrounded by like-minded driven individuals.
EdHeroes Talks is designed to provide in-depth insight into any topic, featuring a wide variety of speakers. Experts in the same field share multiple viewpoints to provide better understanding. It is designed to share knowledge and educate together.
The EdHeroes Family Festival is a global project for families, teachers, entrepreneurs, and organizations. Its program of international events unites local communities and focuses on family and education.
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Share with your friends!
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